In the upcoming 2021 Hanoi SEA Games, which will be held from May 12 to 23, the Malaysian delegation will push for the top three places in the medal table, while the jumping
The water team will shoulder the heavy responsibility of winning the first gold for Malaysia.

Datuk Nou Azmi, head of the Hanoi SEA Malaysian delegation, said in an interview yesterday, “Our goal (in Hanoi SEA) is to be in the top 3 (in the medal table). The contestants must be grateful to the government for everything they have done, and now It’s time for them to return with a medal.

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The Steering Committee of the 31st Southeast Asian Games held the launching ceremony of “The 31-day countdown to the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) in Hanoi” at the Le Tai Zu Monument in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Hanoi Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, leaders of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, representatives of embassies of Southeast Asian countries in Vietnam, as well as more than 3,000 athletes and representatives of people from all walks of life in the capital attended the ceremony.

SEA Games 31 gold preliminary goal should be no problem

After going to the Malaysian national team in 16 events recently, Nuazmi also believes that Malaysia can achieve the initial goal of 31 gold medals in Hanoi East Transport. Former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Seri Zheng Lianke revealed in the parliament that Malaysia’s initial goal in the Hanoi SEA Games is 31 gold, 19 silver and 29 bronze. Nuazmi said this should not be a problem.

“After the first day of the camp visit, I saw that Malaysia had a chance to win 12 golds in various competitions, and on the second day of the camp visit, I saw the hope of seeing the men’s 16 gold, so I think the initial goal of 31 gold should not be a problem. We can maintain the initial goal of 31 golds, and if we achieve it, every gold we win will be an extra surprise.”

Malaysia’s top three is a thing of the past in 2007

In the previous 6 SEA Games, only in the 2017 competition, Malaysia ranked the top three in the medal table at its doorstep (Kuala Lumpur), with 145 gold at that time.
The last time he was in the top 3 of the SEA Games as a non-host was in the 2007 SEA Games (No. 2), and the 68 gold medals in this session are the best record in the team history of the SEA Games so far.
As for the 2019 Philippine East Games, Malaysia ranked 5th in the medal table with 55 gold, 58 silver and 72 bronze.

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