Air Company uses CO2 to produce valuable chemicals and materials. The company made its Air Vodka in 2020. One bottle of Air Vodka is equivalent to the CO2 absorption of 8 trees in a day.

US Air Force uses Air Company’s sustainable aviation fuel to take off its fighter jets. The firm has buyers for its first 1 billion gals of SAF. Currently, the most sustainable aviation fuel was made from waste oils and fats, which have limited supply.

Air Company’s products are produced using the chemical reduction of captured CO2. However, the company recognized that chemical reduction requires energy to power the process. As of 2021, 61% of the US electrical grid was produced by fossil fuels. There is still a long way to a completely climate-friendly production of sustainable aviation fuel.

Air Company uses CO2 to produce sustainable aviation fuel

Air Company Uses Co2 To Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Air Company will build a jet fuel plant to produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of sustainable aviation fuel. The guests of the company’s event are given a sample of Air Vodka.



Air Company’s co-founder and CEO Gregory Constantine showed a video at its launch party in Brooklyn that US Air Force Fighter Jet which takes off using the sustainable aviation fuel produced by Air Company.



Despite the Air Company’s confidence, the CEO of the biofuel market research firm, Emerging Markets Online, cautioned that the advance purchase agreements do not guarantee that the Air Company will be able to produce sustainable aviation fuel at the scale which has been promised.

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