Buying air tickets at the last minute must be expensive, Wee Ka Siong urged people to buy tickets in advance ", Luyang State Councillor Phoong Jin Zhe anti Wee Ka Siong for the modern version of Jin Hui emperor, do not understand the people's livelihood suffering, "let them eat cake "?

Wee Ka Siong

Photo Credit: See Hua Daily News

Phoong Jin Zhe ridiculed Wee Ka Siong does not understand the difficulties of the people

He ridiculed Wee Ka Siong as an official who did not understand the sufferings of the people’s livelihood, completely out of touch with the common people, and the story of Jin Hui emperor “let them eat cake” is no different. They may not even know whether they can go home for Mid-Autumn festival or Christmas, let alone next year’s Lunar New Year.

On His Facebook page, Phoong Jin Zhe criticized Wee Ka Siong for urging people to buy tickets early for next year’s Lunar New Year to avoid buying expensive tickets at the last minute, which was incredibly ridiculous.

“Who doesn’t know that last-minute airline tickets can be expensive? Who doesn’t know it’s cheaper to book tickets in advance?”

“But the problem is, these migrant workers in other places, a lot of times are involuntarily, do not know when can have a holiday? If there will be a change of heart? None of these factors mean buying early.”

Remind Wee Ka Siong

Phoong Jin Zhe: “don’t try to pass the buck to the people for the expensive holiday air tickets, since we know that the holiday air tickets will be outrageous high, we should actively introduce effective measures to seek welfare for the homeless, so that the ticket prices become reasonable.

“For example, during the Alliance of Hope era, when  Loke Siew Fook was minister of Transport, he actively mediated with airlines to reduce ticket prices by increasing flights and introducing midnight pricing flights, which has been proven to be successful.”

“I used to be a wanderer. It’s not easy to earn a meager salary in a foreign land. Why is it so easy to buy next year’s air ticket? A lot of uncertainty, a lot of helplessness, a lot of control, the minister doesn’t understand, saying things like that, not only is it ridiculed, it makes people angry. I would like to remind Wee Ka Siong not to try to push the cost of air tickets on to the people during the festival, which is the responsibility of the minister.”

“The minister should remember that the only way for sabah and Sarawak travellers to return home is by air, unlike Kuala Lumpur to Penang or Johor by car. This means that for the people of Sabah and Sarawak, flying is public transport and the only basic need to get back from Kuala Lumpur. Or do you think there is a bridge between east and West?”

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