Transportation Minister Anthony Loke said that if the national infrastructure has difficulties facing LRT problems and needs the government’s attention, he will do his best to help solve the problem to improve our public transport services.

LRT problems will face technical challenges

Lrt Problems
Image Credit: Selangor Kini

Anthony said they have plans to increase the frequency of the LRT but will face technical challenges. The current frequency of LRT is every 5 minutes, but since some trains will stop at the station due to technical problems, this will cause other trains to be delayed.

He also said that after inspecting the KLCC LRT station, if a train is stuck in front of it, the train behind will be forced to stop at the platform for 5 minutes.

Lrt Problem
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In response to the East Coast Rail plan, Anthony said the plan has undergone many coordination and route changes, and will not make any more changes.

The East Coast Railway plan has been reviewed twice. The first was to change the route during the first administration of the Pakatan Harapan government, and the second was to change the original route after the PN government took over. Anthony said that the status quo would be maintained.

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