Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi said that any MP who quits their contesting party and joins another party or becomes independent during election period may lose their seats and disqualified after the anti-hopping law comes into effect.

Meanwhile, independent MPs who join any political party during election period could lose their seats for the same act.

Wan Junaidi informed that if MPs are expelled from the party they represent, they will not be affected by the anti-hopping law, they would not lose their seats in the election.

“They can return to their respective constituencies and let the people judge them whether or not they qualify to represent.” Wan Junaidi said.

Image Source: Beetify

Anti-hopping law slated to be tabled in July

He also said that the constitutional amendment to the anti-hopping law is slated to be tabled in a special session of Congress as early as July, and then implemented as early as January 2023.

“We will also have a new act, which including details and procedures for MPs to leave the party,” he said.

The revised constitution will be tabled at the second session of the fifth congress on July 18, but the date depends on the government’s decision. All cabinet ministers and MPs can attend for voting.

In the end, Wan Junaidi said the congress could not be held in June due to our Prime Minister, Ismail Yaakob’s busy schedule.

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