Umno veteran Tan Sri Shahrir said in a Facebook statement that after the 14th general election in May 2018, more than 30 MPs had changed their “political allegiance” as they wanted to avoid being charged in court or obtained better post. He said some people were not charged in 1MDB-related incidents after jumping from Umno to Bersatu.

“In addition, Lalu MP Datuk Seri Hansa Zainuddin and Mersing MP Abdul Radhev have also been appointed as ministers after job-hopping.” He said that it is difficult to reach a consensus on the anti-job-hopping bill now. Because of their different understandings of “job-hopping”. Some see it as betrayal, others see it as “faith”

Anti-Job-Hopping Bill Was Blocked
Image Credit: Malaysiakini

Sin Chew Daily Exclusive: Subcommittee defines job-hopping cabinet before passing bill to Parliament

Sin Chew Daily learned that the anti-job-hopping bill will be handed over to a special election committee to discuss its final definition of job-hopping. The source said that there will not be a second special session of Congress in the short term, because the above work will take time to carry out.

Therefore, once the revised definition of job hopping is completed, the bill will most likely be brought to Congress in July. A special session of Congress next Monday will only introduce the 2022 constitutional amendment.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi, who is in charge of parliamentary and legal affairs, told reporters yesterday that the government will convene another special parliamentary session soon to present, debate and pass the job-hopping bill. The source said that there will not be another special parliamentary session, but will be presented to the next parliamentary session for debate and passage. Therefore, the most likely time for submission is the lower house of parliament meeting in July.

“At present, some people are only arguing about the definition of job-hopping. As long as the government and the opposition can reach a consensus, they can submit an anti-job-hopping bill.”
The anti-job-hopping bill, which was originally scheduled to be tabled for first reading on March 24, the last day of the lower house of parliament, was postponed.

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