Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that next year's iPhone may ditch the dedicated Lightning port in favor of the more general USB-C port. Ming-Chi Kuo's judgment comes from an investigation, which may be a component manufacturer. Guo Mingji believes that switching to the USB-C interface can improve the transmission and charging speed of the iPhone, but the specific specifications depend on how iOS supports it.

iPhone with USB-C port

Apple has been rumored to switch to USB-C for several years now. The smartphone industry has mostly embraced the reversible USB-C standard, and Apple is adjusting its pace, with the latest iPads switching to USB-C, and some Macs opting for USB-C-compatible Thunderbolt. The EU is even considering forcing companies to use the USB-C interface.

It is reported that the iPhone with the Type-C interface will not be announced until at least 2023, and the mobile phone before that will still use the Lightning interface, which is also in line with Guo Mingji's prediction. According to market analysis, the most important reason for Apple to make this change is to deal with EU legislation.

In September last year, a legislative proposal submitted by the European Commission showed that the Type-C interface will become a unified standard interface for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld electronic game consoles.

The EU believes that with more and more electronic devices, chargers cannot be used universally, which not only burdens consumers with higher costs, but also generates more waste of electronic devices.

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