Besides unveiling the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE, Apple today for the first time ever unveiled a new Apple Watch lineup called the Apple Watch Ultra. A rugged and premium with top-of-the-line specs, the smartwatch is designed for exploration and outdoor activities. Following are the 15 highlights and function analysis of Apple watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra Highlight and Functions

Highlight 1: The sports watch that accompanies for mountains climbers and the water activities

A new breakthrough for Apple watch, with a series of features especially for endurance, exploration and adventure. Apple Watch Ultra features a 49mm titanium case with a flat sapphire crystal surface for the best balance of durability with weight and corrosion resistance. Its Retina display protects at up to 2,000 nit of brightness, 2x brighter than other Apple Watch displays, and it is also the largest and brightest Apple Watch display!

Highlight 2: The customizable “Action” button makes the function more convenient

The new “Action” button allows users to easily customize, whether it is “Compass Waypoint”, “Physical Training” or “Backtracking” and other functions can be quickly used! The “Action” button allows users to immediately start physical training, enter “custom physical training” or the next stage of “multi-sport training”. This button can also be used to mark sections, complementing the new “Sports Field” running experience, which automatically provides track runners’ final pace and distance estimates.

Highlight 3: Has the longest battery life of any Apple Watch

Up to 36 hours of battery life under normal use.

Highlight 4: New low power consumption settings

The most surprising thing is the introduction of a new low power consumption setting, which extends the battery life from 36 hours to 60 hours.

Apple Watch Ultra
Image Credit: Apple

Highlight 5: Increased surface size

 The Apple Watch Ultra display is designed to be larger, including a watch face with a built-in compass and space for up to eight complications.

Highlight 6: Three built-in microphones

Apple Watch Ultra has three built-in microphones, which can significantly improve the sound quality of voice calls in any situation. Even in strong winds, advanced wind noise reduction algorithms can provide users with clear and distinct audio!

Highlight 7: Apple Watch Ultra outdoor strap

At the same time, 3 new watch straps suitable for outdoor are launched, including the off-road watch ring, the alpine watch ring and the marine watch, each with a unique design, providing the safety and comfort of every adventure.

Highlight 8: The most accurate GPS information

Apple Watch Ultra is the first product in the Apple Watch series to integrate precise dual-frequency GPS with both L1 and L5 GPS, and uses the latest location algorithms to provide users with the most accurate distance, pace and speed for training and competition. route information.

Apple Watch Ultra
Image Credit: Apple

Highlight 9: New advanced running indicators

Powered by watchOS 9, it measures things like running power, stride length, touchdown time, vertical oscillations, and more. In addition, there are new physical training displays such as altitude, zone and segment to make important information clearer.

Highlight 10: The redesigned “Compass” app

In order to allow Apple Watch Ultra to cope with daily and extreme environments, the completely redesigned “Compass” app in watchOS 9 has 3 different screen displays in order to present information in more depth. And the new Compass app can present both an analog compass dial and a digital view. Turn the Digital Crown to zoom in further and get information including latitude, longitude, altitude and incline, as well as an orienteering view that displays Compass Waypoints and Backtracking.

Highlight 11: Design of operating temperature on the wrist

Certified to MIL-STD 810H, a specification commonly used by manufacturers of military and rugged equipment. Testing ranges from low pressure on various altitude, high and low temperature, liquid, rain, moisture, flooding, sand and dust pollution; freeze/thaw, ice/freezing rain, shock, vibration…etc. Allows users to use it from -20º (-4° F) frozen mountains to 55º C (131° F) sweltering deserts.

Highlight 12: “Pathfinder” surface

To optimize for night-time situations, when using the “Pathfinder” face, turning the digital crown turns the face red, improving the user’s visibility in dark environments.

Apple Watch Ultra
Image Credit: Apple

Highlight 13: Dive up to 40 meters deep

For users who love water sports, this time Apple Watch Ultra has been specially designed with water extreme sports such as kite surfing and wide board water skiing into consideration, and the new Oceanic+ app can be used to make Apple Watch Ultra comparable to a diving computer. Take recreational scuba diving to depths of up to 40 meters. Oceanic+ provides personalized settings, such as sharing local diving status reports with relatives and friends and automatically syncing to the iPhone’s diving log, etc. The app is expected to be launched in the fall of 2022.

Highlight 14: Brand new depth gauge

In addition to being able to cope with water sports, there is also a “water depth” app that can view the current depth, time, water temperature, diving time, and even the highest diving depth record. The user can immediately launch the “Water Depth” app by setting the “Action” button.

Highlight 15: Emergency SOS mode

If the user is accidentally injured or lost, an 86-decibel siren designed for emergencies can be used to draw attention to a certain location. The unique sound consists of 2 different sounds that alternate alternately and can be played repeatedly for hours. The first sound mode represents a distress, and the second is an imitation of the universal SOS mode.

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