According to McAfee’s website, most users think it’s safe to download an App without executing it. As long as you don’t start it, you won’t have any security concerns.

However, the malware discovered will perform its functions even if it’s not enabled, and they will change its appearance to resemble the Google Play design so that users can’t easily delete it. Or change your name to Google Play or Settings.

In addition to having an automatic stealth mechanism, the malware reportedly tricks users into installing, deleting, or downloading apps on the device. Without having to open the App, the user clicks the Install button and then ads pop up on the phone.

The apps were removed after being contacted by Google, but users still need to delete them from their phones to prevent the ads from reappearing.

According to McAfee's list of the specific types of apps that Google adware can remove, there are 13:

1.Junk Cleaner


3.Power Doctor

4.Super Clean

5.Full Clean -Clean Cache

6.Fingertip Cleaner

7.Quick Cleaner

8.Keep Clean

9.Windy Clean

10.Carpet Clean

11.Cool Clean

12.Strong Clean

13.Meteor Clean

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