Berjaya Food Bhd

Berjaya Food Bhd experienced growth in its net profit. According to the Financial Report, the net profit for the company for the financial year ended June 30, 2022, increased by RM 75 million. In FY 21, the net profit of Berjaya Food Bhd is RM47.11 million, while the net profit in FY 22 is RM122.74  million.

According to the company, the surge in the net profit is driven by the growth in the sales of the Starbucks café outlets. The revenue for the year has also increased from RM717.34 million to RM 997.74 million.

Berjaya Food Bhd recorded a net profit of RM40.66 million,

Berjaya Food Bhd
Credit: Thestar

In the fourth quarter, Berjaya Food Bhd recorded a net profit of RM40.66 million, RM26 million more than the net profit a year ago. The revenue for this quarter has also improved by 61 percent compared with the same period last year.

The statement released by the company stated that the growth in revenue and net profit was due to the increase in sales growth. The main contributor to the increase in sales is the existing and newly opened Starbucks café outlets.


Berjaya Food Bhd declared a dividend of 2.0 sen per share.

Credit: Thestar

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ performance has also contributed to the sales growth, according to the report. Berjaya Food Bhd declared a dividend of 2.0 sen per share.

The dividend is payable on September 22, 2022. Looking forward, the company expects the revenue growth in Starbucks café outlets to continue.


The chief executive officer of Berjaya Food Bhd, Datuk Sydney Quays, said that the company will continue to work hard to sustain and improve the growth momentum in the new financial year. The financial performance is a success for the group, as it faces operational headwinds in this financial year.

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