As Blackpink revealed that the band would bring its world tour to Kuala Lumpur in 2023, Blinks in Malaysia have a lot to be excited about.

This was announced at 11 p.m. (Malaysian time) on August 8 and at midnight (South Korean time) on August 9 on the girl group’s Twitter account.

The tweet states that the Born Pink World Tour will begin on October 15 and 16 in Seoul, South Korea. After that, the remainder of the year’s tour is throughout North America and Europe.

Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, and Jennie will then head to Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand for more performances in 2023.

On March 4, Blackpink will perform in Malaysia.

There is no other information on the show, as this is only the preliminary notification.

With its comeback, the K-pop girl group is taking things seriously.

Blackpink’s label announced the band will start a new project on Monday (8 August).

In a press release, YG stated, “We’re thrilled to announce the opening date of the pre-release single, which will mark the commencement of the ‘Born Pink’ project. Today, August 8, marks Blackpink’s debut anniversary.

Pink Venom, a brand-new single, will be released first on August 19. According to Korea Herald, Blackpink recently shot a new music video with the highest budget ever for the label in anticipation of its comeback.

Pink Venom will be followed in September by the band’s debut full-length album, Born Pink. The project name for the band’s comeback, “Born Pink,” according to YG Entertainment, “is condensed of its identity: far from ordinary, emitting lethal aura.”

The quartet published The Album, its first full-length album, in October 2020; this will be the group’s first album in almost two years.

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