Penang Maritime Enforcement Agency director Datuk Abdul Razak tonight confirmed that the body of the 22-year-old had been found by local fishermen in the waters of Kuala Sungai Semilang in Johor Province.

He said that with the assistance of the relevant units, members of the Penang Hill Volunteer Fire Brigade collected the body and sent it to the Batu Uban Marine Police Headquarters.

Penang Bridge

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He said the body was later handed over to the Perai Police station for processing and taken to Penang Central Hospital mortuary for autopsy.

He also said the search and rescue operation ended at 7:45 PM tonight.

Penang Bridge

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The incident occurred at 5.39am on Wednesday when the fire rescue team received a report that a person had fallen into the sea 2.2km from the bridge, which is located in the direction of Penang Province.

Police arrived at the scene and found an Indian man had fallen into the sea, leaving a Peugeot car on the bridge with the owner’s personal belongings.

Penang Chief Police Officer Soh Hai Li said there had been 233 suicides in Penang from 2020 to May this year, including jumping into the sea, falling from buildings and drinking poison, while Penang Bridge saw 13 suicides in the year to May this year, with eight people killed and five rescued.

He pointed out that in response to the suicide problem, the Traffic Police Unit had set up special patrol units and, in collaboration with Avenue Corporation, conducted regular patrols on Penang Bridge and Bridge Sultan Abdul Halim (Penang Second Bridge).

“In addition, the Penang government has arranged for some NGO to discuss with the police to solve the bridge suicide problem.”

Soh Hai Li said patrols may not be enough and that the authorities would discuss more options with the management of the bridge and the second bridge.

Safety net installed on Penang Bridge

“At present, the state government has confirmed the installation of a large billboard on Penang Bridge. Apart from a unified helpline, it will also follow the practice of other countries with inspirational and exhorting messages such as’ You are not alone ‘, ‘World, ‘The world is much better with you in it.”


Penang State Executive councillor Phee Boon Poh

A word of inspiration, he thinks, can shine a light on people when they are losing hope.

Mr. Pang noted that a meeting would be held today with representatives of the Penang Bridge Management Company to decide on the wording and telephone number for the company to apply to the headquarters as soon as possible.

He said the hotline number Penang Care Mental might be used. The WhatsApp mobile app and Wechat will also be set up so that people can call, voice or text if they see someone trying to survive. In addition, light to save themselves or talk with people can be used.

He added that the team has already contacted experts and has more than 40 psychologists on standby to help. In addition, the bridge authorities will immediately respond to the report for safety rescue.

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