According to Nanyang Report – Lawyer Boochinliong is also one of 60 members of the Disciplinary Committee of the Malaysia Bar Council. Taking advantage of legal knowledge and taking into account political associations Boochinliong has been interested in politics since childhood.

Although I have not experienced ups and downs in my career so far, it is unavoidable to face some setbacks and challenges. From this, I have also learned some experience in business management and investment. Fortunately, my career has been developing smoothly so far, and due to my cautious personality, I tend to be more inclined to do a good job in risk management, put eggs in different baskets, and carry out different investment portfolios to diversify investment risks.

After graduating in 1985, I became a practicing lawyer the following year and went to work in a well-known local law firm, but my employer got in trouble and resigned at the suggestion of some senior lawyers. Later, at the invitation of one of the partners, I went to work in his law firm, and what I learned during my internship could also come in handy. However, I gradually found that there was a gap between my work philosophy and management model and my expectations. After thinking about it, I decided to quit my job and start my own business.

Boochinliong: Decided to give it a go

I officially started my business in 1987. At the beginning of the business, I was very afraid, but I felt that it was safe to do so, so I had the mentality of giving it a try. If I really failed, I went to Kuala Lumpur to find a job.

Fortunately, at that time, I actively participated in some township group and community activities, which also increased my confidence. At that time, I joined the Buddhist Association in my hometown of Yongping. When I represented the Yongping Buddhist Association at the Buddhist Youth Congress, I was appointed as the director of the Legal Bureau by the then president. Later, I returned to Johor to serve as the secretary of the association. Many opportunities to represent state and national events and even speak on behalf of the chairman have greatly expanded my network of contacts.

Later, I received a case that attracted a lot of attention, and even the newspapers and media reported it. My law firm gradually became more famous, and I also began to accumulate the first pot of gold in my life. At the same time, I came into contact with some developers. , start dealing with them.

Boochinliong Investing - Director General Knows Stocks - Bold But Careful

Of course, in addition to my main business and partnership investment industry, like many people, I started exposure to stock investing around 1991. At that time, the stock market was booming. I also followed everyone to open a stock account and started to buy some small stocks. Often, I followed others to pursue some stocks that were already trending higher. Therefore, there was no obvious profit.

In 1996, I tasted some sweetness, and naturally began to expand. I also went to the bank to apply for stock financing (Share Margin). Later, I encountered a series of accidents and the stock price plummeted. I sold it, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I paid a lot of tuition.

Be bold and careful

However, from these experiences, I also realized that in my career, I should not only stick to my own business, but also do my own work in business operation and investment. Blindly listen to others.

In addition, it is necessary to properly do a good job in investment portfolio and risk assessment, and be bold and careful.

I have been in ACCCIM for about 10 years. I have participated in many activities at home and abroad through ACCCIM, which not only broadened my horizons, but also felt that over the past 10 years, ACCCIM has always adapted to the evolution of the times, transformed and Changes will also imperceptibly drive Chinese businessmen to further adopt and embrace new changes and adapt to new business models.

I also encourage all readers and merchants to keep pace with the times, because the pace of transformation in all walks of life is getting faster and faster, and standing on the cusp of transformation, we must make adjustments in response to the development trend in order to survive in a sustainable way .

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