Actor Bosco Wong from Hong Kong has a spooky story to share about an Ipoh hotel.

According to Sin Chew, the 41-year-old actor recently appeared as a guest on the talk programme Drive U To The Hell and shared with the hosts Alex Fong and Donald Tong about his paranormal experience in Malaysia.

Moses Chan, another actor, and Wong, according to Wong, were scheduled to stay at “the greatest hotel in Ipoh” when they attended an event in Malaysia years ago.

The two actors received suite upgrades in recognition of their celebrity status.

“I was on the same floor as Moses. I was on the other end, and he was on one end “Wong added that they had been allocated corner suites when he spoke on the TVB programme.

It has long been believed that corners of hotel rooms draw supernatural beings.

The actor from Triumph In The Skies didn’t give it much thought and ascended to his chamber. As is customary for superstitious individuals to do before entering an empty room, he knocked on the door before entering the apartment.

He said, “I attempted to turn on the lights a few times, but it didn’t work.”

The lights turned on right away after the actor heard a loud bang.

Wong claimed that when he turned around, his security was standing at the door to the room, and he resisted going in. Since his bodyguard normally enters the room before him, Wong realised something wasn’t right. Wong knew when to leave the room at that point.

Chan, who also objected to staying in his corner suite, was waiting for him in the hallway outside.

To have their rooms changed, the two celebrities went to the reception.

He requested standard rooms from the front desk, saying, “We appreciate that you intended to provide us suites, but it’s not essential, please give us that instead.”

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