A video advertisement calling Korean superstar J-Hope a ‘Raper’ instead of ‘rapper’ was accidentally put up in Seoul by Chinese fan groups Hope Uranus and Heimdallr, presumably causing much distress to fans.

Fan groups in South Korea often take up advertisement space to promote their idols’ new releases, birthdays and debut anniversaries.

BTS J-Hope is a ‘raper’?


The video advertisement was reportedly displayed on a huge outdoor screen at the Coex building in Gangnam, an affluent part of Seoul, last Friday (July 15) to mark the release of J-Hope‘s first solo album Jack in the Box.

It was too late by the time the group realized the error at 9pm that night, as it was after working hours, according to their Twitter post.


The organizers for this fan promotion event (called Party B by Hope Uranus) were contacted and they informed Hope Uranus at 6.10pm on Saturday that the video would be offline by 8pm.

Hope Uranus has apologized on their Twitter account for the error, explaining they are not native English speakers, and the video was edited in a hurry.

A video was posted on their Twitter account, showing the updated video ad playing on the outdoor screen today.

J-Hope released Jack in the Box and an accompanying music video for his second single Arson on July 15. By the next morning, the album had topped the iTunes charts in 49 countries and regions, with the single topping the chart in 62 regions.

A pre-release party with a star-studded guest list was also held on July 14.

Alongside J-Hope’s BTS group mates Jungkook, V and Jin, heavyweights like Big Bang’s Taeyang, hip hop’s power couple JK Tiger and Yoon Mi-Rae, Hyun-A and showbiz veteran Uhm Jung-Hwa were also in attendance.

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