Bursa Malaysia has announced that it will amend its business rules and listing regulations to facilitate the continued operations of the stock exchange and its subsidiaries on special holidays.

Special holidays refer to the additional public holidays declared by the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Bursa Malaysia stated that they made this adjustment in response to recent unplanned or unanticipated holidays in Kuala Lumpur.

Bursa Malaysia To Ensure All Transactions Run Smoothly

Bursa Malaysia
Image Credit: Imoney

Bursa Malaysia said to remain open on special holidays to ensure that all transactions run smoothly and are completed and settled on time.

Bursa Malaysia also added that this decision was made to ensure the capital markets’ stability and mitigate any potential risks that investors may face due to the surprise holiday.

With these adjustments, if the Exchange operates as usual during special holidays, all regulated persons must comply with the regulations and requirements established by the Exchange. The Exchange will consult with the relevant authorities before deciding whether to operate on a special holiday. Once confirmed that it will operate as usual on a special holiday, they will notify the public through press releases, announcements, or electronic means. The above changes will be effective from January 10.

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