Since the Covid-19 pandemic, logistics and courier services growth has erupted exponentially as more and more people rely on transporting their products through dependable and trusted services. iPick is a parcel delivery mobile application which provides a quick, reliable and easy way to make same-day inter-cities shipments of parcels as fast as 2 hours.

Most traditional shipping options for parcels take several days. When same-day deliveries are offered, the users often have to pay a premium price. To resolve these customer pain points, iPick revolutionized parcel delivery services by optimizing the unique combination of passenger transport and parcel delivery service. 

Unique Combination of Passenger Transport & Parcel Delivery


iPick’s business model is unique because it leverages the shared economy by utilizing the existing network of buses and hubs to deliver shipments.

In this system, parcels can be delivered using the existing inter-cities bus services. The bus drivers earn additional income while the senders enjoy competitive delivery rates as low as RM0.05/km.

To make sending a parcel and tracking a shipment even easier, iPick offers a real-time GPS shipping and tracking system so that users can track the status of every shipment.

iPick’s Customer Base is Expanding Rapidly


iPick attracts users who demand fast and urgent deliveries by providing reliable same-day inter-cities deliveries. Due to its convenience and reasonable delivery rates, iPick has a rapidly expanding customer base, with most of the users being small and medium-sized businesses. 

iPick aims to be serving 10 million loyal and active users within the Southeast Asia region by the year 2030.

The parcel delivery platform was created in 2019 with the mission of empowering bus operators and drivers to increase their ancillary incomes by leveraging their existing assets and operations. Users can download the app at the link below.

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