Call Me By Fire 2

Alec Su Is Dissatisfied with The Rules Of "Call Me By Fire 2"; Mayday's Fans Angry that The Show Didn't Show Credit to Their Song

Call Me By Fire 2
Image Credit: Alec Su's Weibo

The Chinese Variety Competition Show “Call Me By Fire 2” is about to usher in its second group performance. In order to stimulate more competition sparks, the production unit broke up the Kenji Wu and Jordan Chan groups who won the championship and runner-up. The disbanded groups formed alliances and cooperated again, which caused Alec Su to be dissatisfied and complained, “Didn’t you say that you want to break up? It’s hard to break up into two groups, and then you can make alliances again, and it’s logical to connect them again.”

Although a large number of netizens agree with Su’s idea, he dislikes too many negative scenes of program operation and pointing other brothers, questioning him being deliberately blackened.

Although the preparation of the competition was questioned by netizens, the repertoire and stage assignment of the second public performance of “Call Me By Fire 2” were full of interest. Most of the brothers did not dare to choose Mayday‘s “Sad People Don’t Listen to Slow Songs” for the performance, as if they were afraid of offending Mayday’s fans, and Hsiao Huang-chi’s “Grandma’s Words” is also a performance track, which makes the brothers who are not familiar with Taiwanese have to practice hard.

Call Me By Fire 2
Image Credit: Weibo

However, in the second performance stage, “Sad People Don’t Listen to Slow Songs” sung by Chilam, Lee Seung-hyun and Mike was originally sung by Mayday, and the lyrics and music were written and composed by Ashin, but the program team only released the music director, arranger etc. The names of people, skipping Mayday’s signature, and it is also the only song without a signature of the original singer and creator, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Mayday’s fans and bombarded the program team. Due to the recent relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, this operation even reminds some people whether there is a problem with Mayday’s political stance.

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