Since its launch, ChatGPT has become a must-have tool in many people’s daily work, and the mobile application (App) version of ChatGPT has landed in Malaysia and has quickly made it to the second place in the free app download list!

iPhone Users Get A Sneak Peek At Using ChatGPT App

Image Credit: Techradar

For now, iPhone users have been able to get a jump on using it, but Android users still need to wait a while.

OpenAI said the App version enables cross-device syncing of history and uses the latest model improvements. So far, users in more than 152 countries or regions have been able to download and use it, and the company will also collect user feedback to continuously improve ChatGPT’s functionality and security.

The ChatGPT app currently has some limitations and users need to be on iOS 16.1 or higher to use it. Older iOS 16 devices will not be able to support the ChatGPT app.

Users must confirm that the developer is OpenAI before downloading to avoid accidentally downloading a counterfeit application.

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