The Ministry of Education recently dealt with Mohd Fadli Salleh for his frequent criticism of our education system. After discussions, the Education Discipline Authority decided that Mohammad Fadhli was not guilty of the charges against him and would not be disciplined.

Mohd Fadli Salleh noted that he had received a letter from the Ministry of Education stating that he would not face any charges and would not receive any disciplinary actions. He believes part of the reason for this was pressure from netizens..

Cikgu Fadli Hopes The Ministry Of Education Will Take In Views

Cikgu Fadli
Image Credit: Mohd Fadli Salleh Facebook

Mohamed Fadly said that he hoped that the Ministry of Education would listen to the views of others so that education in Malaysia could be of better quality. The Ministry has many good strategies in place, but he hopes they would be open to receiving or discussing views. He also hopes that the issue will not be politicized.

Many political parties have tried to help him during this period, but he has refused to accept them. He did not want any political party to intervene or public opinion to lead to his innocence.

Three charges were listed in the letter, including two for publishing two articles on Facebook criticizing the education system and one for criticizing the education curriculum live on Facebook.

Video Credit: Malaysia Gazette TV

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