CoCo Lee recently faced rumors about her separation from her husband and posted a photo of when she was only 42.3 kilograms, making fans worry about her health. Coco lee posted a long article saying that an old leg problem has recurred and she needs to undergo an operation, hoping everyone can help cheer her up. Her second sister revealed her recovery status after her surgery.

Coco Lee Had Undergo An Operation At 2 Years Old

Image Credit: Am730

Coco Lee mentioned in the post saying that her left leg was found to have a problem at birth, and she had an operation when she was 2 years old, but the result was not as expected. She also revealed the treatment process.

For each performance, Coco must rely on the right leg to support the whole body.  She will feel the pain after the concert end. But because she wanted to present the best performance to the audience, she never let others see the painful side of her.

Coco Lee’s second sister said the surgery was successful but will need a long recovery time. She also said that Coco is still in pain because she just woke up and cannot communicate with her family for now. The family members will take turns taking care of her. 

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