Photo Credit: Sinchew

“There are dead cockroaches in my coffee! I didn’t realize it until I chewed it!”

A well-known chain coffee shop had cockroaches in its drink and had customers chew it before they found they had almost swallowed the cockroach, making them feel sick and growling.

What’s more, after receiving a complaint, the shop staff even offered to “give you free food for a week” as compensation, so the customer felt humiliated and wrote about it directly on social media.

One user, @n3wryn, posted 3 photos on Twitter, saying he was almost finished buying a cup of coffee at a chain coffee shop when he found a dead cockroach in his drink.

He said he had chewed the cockroach and almost swallowed it.

He blew the whistle on the food safety problem when he suddenly noticed that the drink in his mouth smelled bad.

The customer said he went to a chain cafe in a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall on May 15 to buy the caramel salt coffee, only to find a dead cockroach in the cup when he was almost finished.

He also included a cockroach stump chewed to pieces after drinking coffee


Many netizens cried “so disgusting” and could not imagine what they would do if they were “tricked”.

A similar incident happened at swindon’s restaurant.

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