Due to the low demand for Melaka International Airport, the Melaka state government plans to convert the airport to other uses. It may be a center for the maintenance of helicopters or light aircraft.

Kota Kinabalu Chief Minister Ab Rauf said the airport had ceased operations at this stage.

Exploring Feasible Options To Convert Melaka International Airport

Melaka International Airport

Ab Rauf said the state government had actually approached several airlines but found that many passengers traveling to Malacca would disembark at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then travel to Malacca for sightseeing. Therefore, they will explore feasible options to revamp the airport and submit them to the central government.

He also said that in conjunction with the Melaka Tourism Year 2024, the Melaka Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Building has begun dredging the riverbed of the Melaka River deeper. This is to facilitate the docking of more ferries.

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