Dato` Seri Aliff Syukri Another Controversy On Provocative Dance with Baby Shima

Dato` Seri Aliff Syukri is back with another controversy! As you may remember, a few weeks ago the wealthy entrepreneur hinted at releasing another single, this time with a popular female artist.

On Wednesday August 10, Aliff shared a teaser clip for his new song “Baby Sayang” on Instagram. Not only that, but he also revealed his former nemesis Baby Shima as a duet partner. Unsurprisingly, the video featuring the duo rubbed many people the wrong way.

“The number 1 singer coming through. Is there anyone here who’s excited to hear the voice of Malaysia’s number 1 singer? The concept of the music video is K-pop, and will beat the likes of BTS and BLACKPINK. Stay tuned,” the cosmetics tycoon captioned his post. In a video posted on his social media, baby Shima also dances lewdly right next to Aliff.

The post received a huge backlash from local netizens. Most of them accused both Aliff and Shima of not learning from previous controversies. I am now suing the owner of D'Herbs.

Bonda Rozita was spotted commenting on the controversial post. ” I hate this. Please stop bringing in catastrophe. You’ve been involved with a lot of dramas, from one to another. Rest assured, Kri (Aliff), when it comes to business you don’t need an artiste’s help in order to make it. You don’t have to dance provocatively to earn a living,” the businessman scolded his son.

Meanwhile, PU Syed took to his Instagram to urge Aliff to cancel plans to release a music video for her new song featuring Dangdut singer. ” Imagine your kids, your wife, and even your mom’s reaction after seeing what you did in the video? What do you want to reveal to the community?” the religious figure revealed in his video. ” You have a name and a title, please think before committing things that will bring the wrath of God.”

After facing a lot of criticism online, Aliff disabled his comments section of the aforementioned post.

Aliff Syukri
Image Credit: Instagram

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