David Beckham

Adidas held the “We Got This 2.0” sharing event at Adidas Center in Orchard Road on Monday to share with the local public the fun of sports and how to balance work and family as an athlete.

About 80 fans were invited to attend the event, and more than 100 gathered outside the Adidas store to catch a glimpse of their idol.

David Beckham was welcomed by fans

David Beckham

Photo credit: The Straits Times

As well as David Beckham, the guests included social media personality Christabel Chua, professional footballer Yishan and DJ and actress Jade Rasif.

Beckham, 47, has been retired for years, but his popularity has never waned. At the event, he shared anecdotes about his time at the club and how to strike a good balance between work and family.

He says daily communication with family members and children is important in life. “Now everyone has smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Put that aside and sit with the kids and talk and take a walk. Those little things are really important to me.”

‘I grew up in the East End of London and my hard-working parents brought me up in that way, but of course I want my children to have good manners, no matter what generation or country they come from. Respect is a basic requirement.’

Beckham also thanked the many fans in attendance, saying: “Thank you not only for supporting me on the pitch, but also for supporting me and my family after I retired. So, believe me, every message you’ve sent, every post you’ve written, every letter you’ve sent me, my family and I have seen it, and we appreciate it.”

Indonesian fans made the long journey to register half an hour before the deadline

Marcello, 24, is a big fan of Beckham. The Indonesian had made the long journey the day before, flying from Jakarta to Batam and arriving by boat, only to register half an hour before the deadline.

“I only received the invitation on the 14th, and I cried with joy,” he said. I immediately bought a ticket and flew to the island of Batam. I was going to take a boat from There to Singapore, but the flight was delayed for another four hours. I’m glad I was able to register half an hour before the deadline. I’m really lucky.”

Adidas launched a campaign on its official social media platform earlier this month asking fans to leave a motivational message and narrowed it down to 20 fans who attended yesterday’s event.

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