Today, would be a joyous day, especially for the legitimate players in the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, DOTA 2. Created in 2013 by the popular video game developer, Valve Corporation, while the game also being hosted on their very own video game digital distribution platform called Steam. With a massive, over one million active players during the game’s all-time peak, as well as the game having a high skill ceiling, taking hundreds and even thousands of hours to achieve and place in the top rankings, it is no surprise the game would see it’s fair share of blatant and subtle cheaters.

Dota 2 – Over 40,000 Accounts Banned For Cheating

Dota 2 Ban Imminent
Image Credit: Dota2wiki

Dota has stated that they have permanently banned over 40,000 accounts that were using third-party software to cheat over the last few weeks. The software used by said cheaters were able to access and read special data on their game client, giving the cheater an unfair advantage.

In the latest patch that they have released, they are able to detect all the cheaters accessing this special data that would otherwise, never be able to be read or accessed during a normal game. Hence they are very confident that every account in the 40,000+ accounts they have banned are cheating and they deserved the ban.

It is known that Dota is a game best enjoyed when being played on an even playing field, where victories are earned by knowledge, skill and hard work. Unfortunately for the legitimate players, there will always be players that will continue to develop and use these exploits and cheats to gain unfair advantages at the expense of other players. With the help of the community engaging with the game developers, anyone can make their game a better place and experience for everyone, not just for dota, you can make a difference.

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