The wait for Black Adam is almost over, as it hits theatres on October 21st (20th in Malaysia). As Dwayne Johnson talks about his relationship with the famous antihero, he delves into his efforts to make the superhero movie. His love of DC and comic books is on full display when he mentions the usual Justice League roster, which includes Batman and Superman. It goes without saying that this is a passionate project for him, and he knows it must be a good thing that years of hard work are finally paying off.

Dwayne Johnson Reveal The Movie Themes in His Iron Paradise

Dwayne Johnson
Image Credit: Dwayne Johnson's Ig

Dwayne Johnson has been hyping DC fans for months with Black Adam trailers and ubiquitous behind-the-scenes photos. The visuals are impressive, but not much has been announced in terms of the soundtrack. That changed, however, as The Rock made a major revelation on social media. The star swayed about the movie’s theme as he put to work in his Iron Paradise, and he got serious on “Darth Vader vibes.”

The Rock decided to give his followers a sneak peek with an Instagram post just days after he celebrated the sale of Black Adam tickets. As with Johnson’s usual posts, the movie star addressed fans at his personal gym, The Iron Paradise, and engaged in a rigorous workout when he decided to take a break. When the video started playing, Johnson was excited not only by his workout, but also by listening to the unreleased theme song from the DC movie.

While The Rock is as vibrant as ever, the Black Adam theme is the star of the video. It might have been appropriate to play it in this particular case, as the star may need some heavy music to help him through the rest of his workout. The rock and orchestra vibe also seems to match the ominous presence of the DC character, which is shown in various trailers. Considering how long the movie has been in development, it must have been surreal for the actors to finally be able to hear a soundtrack.

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