Elizabeth Tan

Malaysian Singer Elizabeth Tan posts intimate photo of her and husband on Instagram which made many male followers heartbreak and declare to unfollow her.

Elizabeth Tan's Intimate Photo Received Praise and Also Disappointment

Elizabeth Tan
Image Credit: Elizabeth Tan's Ig

An intimate photo of Elizabeth Tan with husband Dr Ding Siew Jim on social media has led some male followers to announce their intention to unfollow her.

The 28-year-old, affectionately known as Lizzy by her fans. She began her music career in 2014 and become famous for her solo album, “Knock Knock”.

She uploaded three photos on Instagram. The local singer explained that the photos, including one showing the couple pursing their lips, were from post-wedding shoots. Despite many praised the photos, there were also others that expressed their disappointment.

According to @aizumaimi, a lot of men get frustrated when they see these pictures.

Others have expressed their intention to unfollow Tan’s social media accounts, which now has 1.9 million followers.

Instagram user @rdhafhmi tagged his friend @syahrunzm and invited him to cry, but the latter claimed he had unfollowed the account.

Meanwhile, @m.aiman_akmal_anak_bumi_ urged Tan to delete the photos where he claim it was haram to kiss and explained not everything need to be shared.

Tan, who recently appeared in Abang Long Fadil 2, got married last March.

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