Elon Musk revived his deal to buy Twitter for the original buyout price of USD 44 billion. Musk stated his ambition to buy Twitter is similar to his vision for the financial service company he founded in 1999.

He stated that he envisioned Twitter to be a single super-app where people can use the app to access a wide range of services. Elon Musk wants to add new services to the social media platform to move toward the “X, the everything app” that he envisioned in 1999. Musk described the acquisition to be able to accelerate the building of the multi-function app.

Elon Musk Offers to Close Twitter Buyout Deal

Elon Musk Offers To Close Twitter Buyout Deal

Musk indicated that he wants to make Twitter more like WeChat which is the so-called super app that is popular in China. Supper app allows users to use a single application to access a broad range of services, including messaging, communications, ordering food, and summoning transportation.



Musk stressed that he would make Twitter radically better. He expressed that when he was creating X.com in 1999, he had a grand vision for the financial service company. He said that with the acquisition of Twitter, he could accelerate the process of creating the ‘everything app’ in 5 years.



Previously, Musk had been trying to withdraw himself from the deal. Elon Musk alleged that Twitter misled him about the seriousness of the bots on the social media platform. Twitter acknowledged that it had received Musk’s offer to complete the deal at the price of USD 54.20 per share.

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