Although South Korean actress Park Eun-bin was apprehensive about portraying an autistic genius in the K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, she tells StarLifestyle that she is extremely glad to be a part of this series and has learnt a few valuable things from her character.

“Woo Young-woo is portrayed as someone who is upbeat and adorable, but I get more of an understanding of who she is from how brave and fearless she is. In this exclusive Zoom conversation, Park states through a translator, “That’s what I truly admire about her.

“I required bravery to accept this challenge when I decided to pursue this play. And I believe Woo Young-woo is the one who is truly inspiring my bravery and fortitude.

The 29-year-old goes on to say, “I’m trying to assimilate that piece of her into myself.” She has always characterised herself as a quiet individual who dislikes being the centre of attention.

A smart attorney who encounters many difficulties at work, in court, and in her personal life is the focus of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The focus on the main character’s development, including how she changes the lives of others around her and how she sees the world (which is coloured by her love of and understanding of whales and dolphins), is what makes this K-drama so exceptional.

Yes, the series deals with discrimination and inequality. The focus is always on Young-woo, who overcomes challenges that most of us might consider to be “insignificant” and does not allow her impairment stand non the way of her career or her personal life.

The series devoted some time early on with Young-woo struggling to enter and exit an automatic revolving door in her office building.

She also attempts to identify her emotions when she interacts with coworkers and clients in practically every episode.

According to a medical report posted online, individuals with autism experience the whole gamut of human emotions.

However, they are unable to comprehend and process their feelings as a result of a condition, which makes it difficult for them to convey such emotions to others.

The 16-episode drama, which ends tonight, has received acclaim from spectators and critics alike for its realistic portrayal of an autistic person.

Twitter user @Grukii wrote: “As an autistic person, I have to say Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of the best representations of my disability. I cried so much even in the first episode because of how much I related to it. #RepresentationMatters”

Park has gained a lot of new fans all over the world thanks to her compassionate portrayal of the main character.

According to reports, her Instagram account, which had 700,000 followers before to the June 29 debut of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, now has 1 million followers. The most recent number was 2.4 million.

“I’m really appreciative and thankful that many viewers of Extraordinary Attorney Woo have told me that I’m an actress they can watch and trust. That comment is excellent.

Park, who has appeared in several successful shows including Stove League (2019), Do You Like Brahms? (2020), and The King’s Affection, says, “Of course, I hold all of my projects and characters dear to my heart, but this time the drama has received so much love and support, I think this love and support from the fans is what really motivates me” (2021).



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