South Korean drama Insider by Kang Ha-Neul, Lee Yoo-Young starring, is currently in the hot broadcast, recently released 14 episodes of the trailer, surprise found Fan Bing Bing appeared.

With her long hair tied into a ponytail, Fan Bing Bing dressed in a black suit, followed by a group of black people, impressed fans even though she only appeared for five seconds.

Fan Bing Bing made an appearance on the South Korean drama 'Insider'

Fan Bing Bing

According to south Korean media outlet THE FACT, after asking the drama production team of JTBC, Fan Bing Bing was confirmed to be in South Korea, making a low-key cameo in the latest South Korean drama Insider starring Kang Ha-Neul and Lee Yoo-Young.

Sources also said Fan Bing Bing arrived in South Korea earlier this year and has already completed a guest role for Insider, but what role she will play in the show is confidential and cannot be disclosed.

However, the majority of Korean netizens were disgusted by the TV station’s invitation to a Chinese actress to guest star in a Korean drama, with comments such as “Why do we have to find her?” “Is JTBC a Chinese TV station now?” and “Do you want to participate in a Korean drama because it is popular?”

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