During the economic downturn during the MCO, the head of the Maqqa Youth chief, Wang Xiaoting, urged young people not to trust online recruitment for high salary jobs abroad, so as not to be deceived. Wang Xiaoting, accompanied by Dato Sri Zhang Tianci, held a press conference and pointed out that students who have graduated from college or are about to graduate are facing the dilemma of unemployment during this period. “Lao Qian used social media to attract new people from the society to work abroad with good salary and simple content, but he was shocked to find that he was working for a gambling group, and unfortunately he was arrested by foreign police.

Zhang Tianci also said that the MCA Public Service and Complaints Department received a total of 26 reports last year, all of them were Chinese in their 20s, and most of them were women. They were taken to South Korea, China, the Philippines and other countries only to realize that they had been deceived.

One of the reports was that about 10 days ago, a 23-year-old Chinese man went to the Philippines before the MCO, only to find out that it was a gambling syndicate. He was also imprisoned, and his family was finally asked for US$10,000 (about RM42,500). ) is willing to let go. “Only Zhang Tianci advises everyone not to pay, because this is the second trick to defraud their family members. Some people have paid more than 100,000 yuan and their whereabouts are still unknown. The best way is to ask the consulate for police assistance!

Image Source: Guanghua.com

Posting high salary job ads (working on cyber fraud)

The victim’s mother, went to the MCA Public Service and Complaints Department today to tell Datuk Seri Zhang Tianci what happened, and asked for help to bring the child back from northern Thailand. The mother said that her 15-year-old son wanted to work in China, but was rejected by his mother.

The son later changed his mind and said that he wanted to work in a motorcycle shop in Johor. “On the early morning of the 22nd of last month, an e-hailing car came to my house. We all thought that it was here to send my son to Johor for work, but we didn’t have any doubts.” The son called to say that he was in Thailand and would be sent to Myanmar to work on online fraud, and asked his family to save him.

The mother was so frightened that she immediately called the police and negotiated with her family and members of the criminal group, but the other party initially demanded 300,000 RMB (about 200,000 ringgit), and finally the other party only asked for 10,000 ringgit, and the balance was transferred after the son returned home. “The news that he was lured to Myanmar was spread, which attracted media attention.

The illegal group believed that it was because my son was underage and had to release him and another 14-year-old boy.” Instagram, posting high-paying job advertisements, was lured to overseas for gold. The son is currently staying in a local hotel, which is very safe, but he cannot return home without a passport. Zhang Tianci said he would contact the Malaysian embassy in Thailand for assistance. So the question is, who is the “Internet celebrity” who posts high-paying job advertisements? !

The public can call the Ministry’s hotline 0322033888 for assistance if they have any questions.

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