China’s No. 1 Internet celebrity Feng Timo has a sweet appearance and a good singing voice. After disappearing for nearly half a year, she confessed in a post on Monday (24) that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and posted a photo of her current photo lying on the bed. She has undergone surgery and is recovering well.

Feng Timo Admits She Wanted To Give Up At One Point

Feng Timo
Image Credit: Sina

After going through this disease, she wanted to say to everyone, especially girls: don’t accumulate everything in the heart, should communicate with family and friends more often. When encountering internet violence and rumors of pornography, must be brave to speak out and protect themselves through legal processes.

Feng Timo said that her parents did not know she had this disease and at one point she thought of giving up. She also confessed that she was unable to sing for a long time due to her condition, which broke her down even more than the disease.

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