Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanda Lynch said after introducing the Ops Pantau 2022, the reopening of the border will bring in tourists and will definitely stimulate the economic sector, which in turn will increase the market’s interest in certain commodities such as food. need.

He has instructed officials of the ministry to take stern enforcement action and to monitor all petrol stations, especially those at our borders, to prevent them from selling subsidised petrol to foreign-registered vehicles and motorcycles. The bureau mobilizes 200 officers every day to enforce the law across the country and monitor prices of products, especially gasoline and diesel supplies.

The Bureau of Trade and Consumer Affairs has reminded all petrol station operators under inspection that they must comply with the provisions of the Supply Control Act 1961 when selling petrol and diesel to owners of foreign-registered vehicles, including: such owners are prohibited from refilling RON 95 petrol; At any petrol station within 25km of the Malaysia-Singapore checkpoint, you can only add diesel fuel once a day and a maximum of 20 liters; car owners can add RON 97 petrol without an upper limit, but you must directly input the petrol. inside the fuel tank.

Johor operators not allowed to sell RON95 to Singaporean car owners

Image Source: Wonderful Malaysia

Alexander ordered petrol companies and petrol station operators in Johor not to sell RON95 fuel for foreign-registered vehicles, including motorcycles. Earlier, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak once criticized that if each foreign car owner filled 40 liters of RON95 gasoline, the Malaysian government would lose RM68, and the beneficiaries of these subsidies should be the Chinese people, not foreign car owners.

Operation Pantau 2022 (Ops Pantau 2022) is to ensure that Malaysia has an adequate supply of goods and sells them at reasonable prices after the full reopening of the economy and the country begins on April 1.

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