Manchester United has not won any major titles for the past few years. The majority of fans believe that the Glazer family are the biggest problem at the club. Finance blogger Kieron O’Connor scrutinizes United’s account and states the eye-catching figures that might show that the Glazer family is Manchester United’s biggest problem.

#1: United is the only Premier League Club that pays dividends to its shareholders. Most of the dividends are given to the Glazer family members. Since 2016, United paid an average of 22million dividends to its shareholders.

Are Glazers Man United’s biggest problem?

Are Glazers Man United’s Biggest Problem?
Credit: Saba Sports

#2: Since Glazers’ purchase in 2005, United paid 743 million in interest. In the 2020-2021 season, United paid an interest amounting to 21 million pounds. This is the biggest interest payment that any Premier League club made.

#3: United’s debt remains unchanged since 2006. Only Tottenham has more debt than United. In the meantime, the Glazers took 154 million pounds from Manchester United in the last 10 years. This is a sharp contrast to City’s owners who put 684 million pounds into the club.

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