Song Ji-Hyo

Korean star Song Ji-hyo, a Glutanex brand ambassador, makes an appearance for the launch of Glutanex in Malaysia. She was in a good mood throughout the trip, and she even agreed with her fans that she would challenge to cook Nasi Lemak the next time she comes to Malaysia!

Song Ji-hyo came to Malaysia this time for two days. On her first day of appearance, although it was a working day, she still attracted a large number of fans to the scene.

Song Ji-Hyo Speaks Malay In The Event

Song Ji-Hyo
Image Credit: Sin Chew Daily

Under the guidance of the host, Song Ji-hyo speaks some Malay, such as “Apa khabar” and “Terima kasih”. She also said she misses her fans in Malaysia.

She also shared that she often shoots outdoors, so she does not dare to neglect her skincare and maintenance process, and she also said she loves Glow Balm products. She also highly recommended the brand and said that the weather in Malaysia is always hot and rainy, so it is very suitable to use the brand.

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