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Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow’s death news went viral on the 11th of this month. Her colleagues did not confirm the news. Well-known producer Tan Fei came out to clarify the rumors. Unexpectedly, Kathy’s colleagues posted a message on 12th of this month to confirm the news of Kathy’s death, aged 57, and mentioned she passes away due to some illness.

The Full Text Posted By Kathy Chow's Colleague

Kathy Chow

We are sad to inform everyone:
Kathy has passed away due to medical issues, on December 11, 2023.
May there be no disease in heaven, and may we meet again in the next life!
Zhou Hai Mei Studio
December 12, 2023

Dear Kathy, I hope you will continue to be happy in the other world and your family is proud of you.
Kathy’s Family
December 12, 2023

Rumors Of Kathy Having SLE

Kathy Chow
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There was rumors saying Kathy is suffering from lupus erythematosus before her death, but she denied the news, saying her platelets were low, and only admitted that she had fainted many times. She also said in a program interview that her “low platelet count” had started in her teens and that she had been in a coma before and had many bruises on her body. Once misunderstood as a victim of domestic violence, she was treated with a blood transfusion before recovering, and had another attack as an adult.

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