Recently, a photo posted on ye ke's birthday suggested that someone had held a party for her. The message “M love KeKe” was written on a corner of the card in the photo, which may be a reference to “Huang Xiao Ming loves KeKe”.

Celebrity Ye Ke do super luxurious birthday party

Huang Xiao Ming

Showing off a collectible Hermes bag

Huang Xiao Ming

Ye Ke posted on Weibo on 25th, “I had a little hunch, but I was still surprised. I have always been a light-eyed person, but I couldn't help myself when I saw the VCR. Thank you for the best love, and I wish myself a happy birthday!”

In the photos she posted, it can be seen that the party scene was arranged into a sea of pink flowers, and there was a double castle cake specially made for her. The VCR moved Ye Ke to tears, which shows that the people who prepared the party were very careful.

Ye ke posted a card with the words "M love KeKe", which is suspected to be a reference to "Huang Xiao Ming loves KeKe", which attracted heated discussion among netizens

Huang Xiao Ming

Ye Ke in addition to the Hermes collection of expensive bags, but the most attention is the birthday card written “M love Keke”, causing netizens to speculate that the “M” may be Huang Xiao Ming. “It's hard not to guess Huang Xiao Ming,” “Best wishes, a good match,” and “Xiaoming brother wants happiness,” while others said, “I wonder what's better than baby,” “don't know what I see in her,” and “wait for the result to be announced as soon as possible.”

Although the relationship between Huang Xiao Ming and Ye Ke has not been publicly acknowledged, some netizens found that when Huang Xiaoming was in Shenzhen to record the variety show Chinese Restaurant, Ye Ke was also in Shenzhen and posted photos of herself visiting the class, saying that she sent milk tea to the staff. At that time, many netizens doubted whether they were going to visit Xiaoming? 

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