Wong Ka Kui

Many fans still miss Wong Ka Kui, who died in 1993. The event was once held in 2022 in Malacca and received a huge response. The audience felt the strong rock and roll atmosphere, and many fans were also emotional. The event will held once again this year at StarXpo Centre.

About The Concert in Memory of Wong Ka Kui

Wong Ka Kui

Organized by MCACA, co-organized by Finale and co-sponsored by Casa, the concert will be held on June 30, 2023. The venue will be StarXpo Centre (15th Floor KWC Fashion Wholesale). The venue will be open for audiences to enter at 5pm. The concert will officially kick off at 8pm.

The concert will bring together 300 rock music singers. The concert is not only to commemorate Beyond Wong Ka Kui, but also to pass on the passionate for rock music and bring people who love the music in Malaysia.

Wong Ka Kui

As for the ticket prices, there will be early bird ticket prices. Ticket prices are as follows:

VVIP: RM268++
VIP: RM168++
Rock Zone: RM68++
Free Seating: RM68++
Free Standing: RM38++

Fans who love Wong Ka Kui or rock music should not miss this concert. To purchase tickets, fans can click here to purchase. Remember to buy before it’s too late. This concert is definitely worth it.

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