BTS attended The Fact Music Awards 2022 on October 8, winning numerous awards including Artist of the Year and Daesang award. Jimin become center of attraction as he gets huge cheers from fans who show their love and support

Jimin Fans Wore Chimmy Headbands and Chimmy Stickers To Show Their Support

Image Credit: Allkpop

When the group took the stage to accept the award, the harsh screams and cheers, especially for Jimin, could not be ignored, once again proving his high popularity in the country. Many who attended the event posted on social media that the crowd was packed with Jimin fans holding banners with messages of support; others wore Chimmy headbands, while others wore Chimmy stickers Covering their ARMY bomb, and many other acts, all to show the star their never-ending love and support.

In addition, attendees said the front row of the awards ceremony was full of Jimin fans waving Chimmys and Jimin banners, which is why he kept looking at the people in front of him, expressing recognition and appreciation for the love and support he received.

As this event proves, the massive fan support Jimin has received is not without foundation. During the band’s performances, he completely captivated fans with his captivating vocals and, as usual, looked absolutely breath-taking. Fans praised him with such beautiful words as “his singing sounds like heaven”, “his voice is amazing” and “he sings like an angel”.

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