JJ Lin took a trip to Malacca on May 6, 2022. JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer, posted a photo of his trip to Malacca on Instagram and Weibo. However, netizens caught him accidentally writing Malacca as "Malacca", causing netizens to make fun of him.

Jj Lin

Photo Credit: Google

Netizens saw the typo, have left a message teasing him: horse is not hemp! And Jj Lin quickly changed his post to Malacca!

Some netizens think that many people also write Malacca. Wikipedia also admits that malacca is written in the comments section.

“I have lived here for 30 years and I have never seen a horse replaced with hemp!” said a Malaysian netizen.

Many artists and netizens left friendly comments, warmly welcoming Jj Lin to malacca and regretting that they could not meet him on the road!

Another singer Lin Yuzhong also funny message said Bojio, really super humor!

Post a picture of him from back on IG limited time, and see the background was Jonker Street in Malacca!

Jj Lin

Earlier, Jj Lin posted a picture of himself on IG, wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The background of the picture was Jonker Street, a popular tourist spot in Malacca, and he wrote: “Road Trip”, it turned out that he came to Malaysia quietly!

As a Malaysian, have you ever seen the word Malacca written? Anyway, it was just a small mistake, but jj Lin is welcome to visit Malaysia often!

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