The Johor Customs Department stopped attempts to transport almost RM5 million worth of contraband in a series of searches across Johor and Selangor, demonstrating the vast reach of the law across states.

Three raids were carried out between June 26 and August 2 in Selangor, surrounding Johor Baru, Pasir Gudang, and Iskandar Puteri, according to its director Sazali Mohamad.

“Two of the raids took place at the Tanjung Pelepas Port on the same day after inspections of two 40-foot containers turned up more than 60,000 cans and bottles of alcohol as well as other unauthorised items like shoes, a refrigerator, and beds.

At a news conference yesterday, he said, “Similarly, in the third raid, we uncovered almost 4,000 bottles of alcohol as well as undeclared shoes, speakers, and lamps in another cargo at the same port.”

Following a public tip-off, two raids in Selangor—at Klang and Shah Alam—were carried out.

Along with booze, a warehouse at the Air Hitam Industrial area of Klang saw the seizure of roughly RM22,600 worth of illegal cigarettes, according to Sazali.

He said, “After searching another building in Jalan Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam, Customs also seized another 85,000 bottles of alcohol.”

He said that during the sixth operation, 26,162 bottles of alcohol were discovered in a warehouse on Jalan Cecair in Pasir Gudang.

“To aid in the inquiry, we detained four local men who were allegedly implicated. We are also looking for a few other people who are still at large, he continued.

According to Sazali, RM2.8 million worth of alcohol and RM22,600 worth of illegal cigarettes were seized during the raids.


Picture Sourced From Seehua Daily

In addition, 238 bottles of zam zam water believed to be fake that had not yet received approval from the Customs Agency were seized by the department, according to him, at a shophouse in Senai.

Along with empty bottles and packaging, we discovered many bottles that we suspect to be the bogus zam zam water.

He added that four individuals, ages 22 to 44, who were employed at the shop were also detained. “The proprietor of the shop was unable to offer any invoice or documentation of the import of the water when asked to present it,” he said.

Three of the suspects, according to him, were from Yemen and one was from Bangladesh.

In another instance, he claimed, the agency also seized seven high-powered, untaxed motorcycles that were allegedly brought in illegally from a neighbouring nation.

A 36-year-old Vietnamese lady was also detained, he continued, and the items seized were valued at roughly RM876,000.

The Customs Act of 1967 is being used to examine the instances.

, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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