AlphaCapital (M) Sdn Bhd and Globalisasi Ktown Sdn Bhd, the brand owner of K-Town Korean BBQ House, held a grand signing ceremony at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC) last Friday night (15th) with 30 seats. Invited guests to a Ramadan dinner. Syed Mahadzir, Chief Executive Officer of AlphaCapital (M) Sdn Bhd, and Zizan Razak, Director of Globalisasi Ktown Sdn. The Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed in the presence of Ahmad Yusof, Chief of Shariah Law and Compliance, Andy Dani, Director of Investment Board, Zhu Wenqiang, Director of Globalisasi Ktown Sdn Bhd, and Wu Duohui, Managing Director.

Image Credit: K-Town

Full support from the Minister of Enterprise Development and Cooperatives Malaysia

The guest of honor that night was Tan Sri Noor Omar, Minister of Enterprise Development and Cooperatives of Malaysia, who was unable to attend due to temporary events, so he made a special video for the live broadcast and congratulated AlphaCapital and Globalisasi Ktown on the cooperation to open the largest K-Town Korean BBQ house in Malaysia. And it has created more than 50 job opportunities for Singaporeans, especially the people of Selangor. He said that the first K-Town has also successfully proved that it is a business that can bring in considerable income, and AlphaCapital’s investment ability and unique vision also contributed to this cooperation.

Nooma said that he himself will fully support the above cooperation, as it will become a model for domestic enterprises, and hope that K-Town Korean BBQ House will become an open franchise enterprise in the future and expand its business overseas.

Malaysia’s largest branch K-Town Korean BBQ House opens in July

Under this agreement, AlphaCapital and Globalisasi Ktown will cooperate in the form of shareholding, with individual holdings of 40% and 60%, and work together to open 10 K-Town Korean BBQ houses in China and even overseas, all owned by AlphaCapital The independent investment includes store decoration, rental and all equipment, and is fully managed and operated by Globalisasi Ktown.

The first branch of the cooperation between the two parties and the second branch in malaysia will be located in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. AlphaCapital will invest RM1.5 million as the opening capital. With the opening of the branch with a total area of 4,300 square feet in July, it will be the largest branch in Malaysia. The design style and concept of K-Town Korean BBQ House are based on K Pop Korean style, so as its name, it is committed to bringing Malaysian consumers a Korean style that is similar to Korean taste but also caters to Malaysian tastes. delicacy.

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