Home Ministry Deputy Secretary Mohd Sayuthi Bakar said the prison would be located in Ketereh, Kota Baru, with a capacity of 3,000 prisoners, and the land acquisition process was expected to be completed this year.


New prison plans

“Construction of the modern prison is expected to start at the end of next year and will take three to four years to complete.”

“The new prison will provide better engagement for prisoners and officers as we find many of the country’s prisons to be dilapidated and in need of improvement.”

Presenting the Eastern District Outstanding Service Award 2021 at Kota Baru Town Hall on Sunday, Sayuthi said the new prison would address the existing overcrowding problem in the Eastern district Jail.

“Currently, Malaysia’s prison authorities are taking temporary measures to reduce overcrowding, namely community rehabilitation programs (to help prisoners reintegrate into society).”

“The scheme has had a positive return with our prisoners’ winning awards at London Craft Week and has attracted attention from other national Prisons bureau, including the UK.”

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