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Lexus Malaysia has officially opened its first eco-friendly showroom in Klang, in line with their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.

Built by PCM Klang Motor Sdn Bhd, the showroom is built with green building techniques, sustainable materials, energy efficient LED lights and motion detectors to reduce energy consumption and water usage.

A stepping stone for Lexus to continue its development

Image Credit: Motor Trade News

The chief distributor of Lexus Klang is delighted that Lexus has opened its first eco-friendly showroom in Klang and hopes to be a stepping stone for the company’s continued growth. They also want to provide the best and most sophisticated experience to their customers.

PCM Klang Motor Sdn Bhd, the official car dealer of UMW Toyota, will also offer Toyota customers the opportunity to upgrade their cars to Lexus models through their “Trade-In” program. The Lexus showroom has a longstanding practice of giving their customers transport and after-sales service, including full roadside assistance, free service, access to exclusive events and more.

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