Sammo Hung

The 16th Asian Film Awards announced that Sammo Hung would receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, which he will accept the award on the 12th of this month at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Sammo Hung confessed that he was very happy to be able to receive the award at this time.

Samma Hung Over 60 Years In The Industry

Sammo Hung
Image Credit: Uweekly

Sammo Hung has made a huge contribution to Asian cinema. Sammo Hung happily said he was very surprised but also a recognition of his acting career.

As a senior brother of the Seven Little Fortunes, Sammo Hung has been taught by a strict teacher of traditional opera since childhood and has learned many skills. He has developed a solid foundation for his career as a martial arts star and is a hard-working, dedicated, and professional character. Sammo Hung has acted in many movies over 60 years of his acting career.

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