According to the report, the MACC officials have searched the office and home of Human Resources Minister Sivakumar to investigate the foreign worker’s corruption case and also asked the minister to give a statement for MACC.

Sivakumar senior aides in connection with allegations of corruption in the recruitment of foreign workers

Image Credit: Agenda Dail

Utusan Malaysia quoted sources saying that the MACC had asked Sivakumar to answer questions about alleged cash kickbacks from two of his senior aides and a businessman. The two senior aides and the businessman have been detained.

The businessman is believed to have acted as ‘public relations’ on behalf of Sivakumar, asking for money from certain people running government projects to ensure they could continue to complete the projects. He also promised that he would be offered other projects later.

The report said two of Sivakuma’s senior aides are believed to know the businessman’s actions. They are believed to have witnessed the transaction.

Video Credit: KiniTV

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