Apple Malaysia officially released iOS 16.2 version. As long as iPhone users update their phones, it can support the 5G network. iPhone users shared the news on social media after they found out that they can connect to the 5G network after the update of iOS16.2.

What Setting Should iPhone Users Do?

Iphone User

If you want to use the 5G network on your iPhone, you can choose whether to use 5G by tapping the Mobile Data option in your phone's settings after completing the update and, selecting the Mobile Data Options, then tapping Voice & Data.

It is understood that currently, only Celcom, Digi, or U Mobile users can connect to 5G, while MAXIS still needs to sign a 5G network agreement with DNB. But the company announced earlier that they will receive shareholder approval in January 2023 and launch 5G-related products and services as soon as possible.

Users should note that Apple only started to support 5G networks in iPhone 12, so if your phone is an iPhone 11 or earlier model, it will not be able to use 5G networks.

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