During a recent incident at a restaurant in Bandar Baru Uda, a guy was allegedly seen putting an electronic cigarette (vape) into a baby’s mouth. He was detained on Monday (Aug 8).

The 23-year-old businessman was detained at the Crime Investigation Department of the JBU district police headquarters at 12.45 am, according to Rupiah Abd Wahid, the district police chief for Johor Baru Utara (JBU).

She claimed that the arrest came about after her team got a police report on Aug. 6 from the mother of the seven-month-old baby girl. The mother said that the man was a friend of her sister.

“According to the complaint, the baby and she were with her sister and the male at the restaurant when the incident occurred.

“All of a sudden, the man carrying the baby jokingly put the broken e-cigarette in the child’s mouth. The mother’s sister caught this on camera and shared it on social media, where it quickly gained popularity.

She stated that as a result of the report, police launched an investigation file, and on Tuesday, August 9, a remand application will be submitted for the guy implicated to allow for additional investigations.

According to Rupiah, the individual could receive a maximum 20-year prison sentence, a fine of RM50,000, or both if proved guilty.

She stated that in order to avoid upsetting other people, the public is recommended to use social media responsibly and refrain from posting any incorrect remarks or information.

A man was earlier seen inserting a vape (device) into the mouth of a baby that he was carrying in a 17-second viral video. Several people commented on and criticised the video. The Bernama

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