When people live with roommates, they try to avoid using other people’s personal belongings or ask their roommates’ permission before using them. But recently, a man accused his roommate of being stingy when he sprayed her with perfume without asking has sparked controversy on social media.

The man posted a screenshot of his conversation with his roommate on Twitter, instead of apologizing for wearing someone else's perfume, he blamed his roommate's stinginess


The man posted a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with his roommate, in which the message reads: “I just wanted to remind you that I don’t mind if you wear my clothes, but can you not use my perfume?”

His roommate also attached a photo of Tom Ford perfume, pointing out that the man had worn it without his consent.

It is understood that the perfume is quite expensive, with a 50ml bottle costing RM1,076.

Unexpectedly, the man did not apologize after receiving the roommate’s message, but replied: “Oh, I just used a little perfume, also did not use up, stingy! Well, I won’t use it again.”

After Posting screenshots of the conversation, he blamed his roommates again for being stingy. “Do you have such stingy roommates? It’s only perfume, does he think MY salary is ONLY RM200?”

The man’s post was subsequently forwarded by more than 2,000 netizens and was criticized by some netizens for having made a mistake in the first place and not knowing how to reflect on himself.

Upon inquiry, the man has deleted the post.

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